The National Curriculum is taught at St. Mary's Catholic Primary School as in all maintained schools.       Links are made where possible to children's learning in all areas, especially in English and Mathematics in order to provide them with meaningful contexts and opportunities to learn and apply their skills.             

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which helps children to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes which fully prepare them for the next stage of their education and later life in modern Britain.


Curriculum Overviews

Class 1 Curriculum Overview

Class 2 Curriculum Overview

Class 3 Curriculum Overview

Class 4 Curriculum Overview



English Overview


Phonics and Reading 

At St Mary's we teach phonics from the foundation stage onwards. We use the Letters and Sounds scheme for our phonics lessons. We use a number of reading schemes in school. We use Oxford Reading Tree and other book schemes which are colour banded so the children can make progress.




Maths overview Year 1

Maths overview Year 2

Maths overview Year 3

Maths overview Year 4

Maths overview Year 5

Maths overview Year 6


Early Years

Early Years Curriculum



Geography Key stage 1 Class 2

Geography Key Stage 2 Classes 3 & 4

GEOGRAPHY KS2 overview



History and Geography whole school overview

History Key stage 1 Class 2

History Key Stage 2 Classes 3 & 4


Religious Education

RE whole school overview A

RE whole school overview B



Computing EYFS

Computing KS1

Computing Years 3 and 4

Computing Years 5 and 6


British Values

British values in the curriculum.pdf



Further details of curriculum activities within each class are shared during 'Meet the Teacher' sessions which parents are invited to attend.