Class 1 Curriculum Overview

Class 2 Curriculum Overview

Class 3 Curriculum Overview

Class 4 Curriculum Overview

Class 2 

Literacy Overview

Phonics and Reading - At St Mary's we teach phonics from the foundation stage onwards. We use the Letters and Sounds scheme for our phonics lessons. We use a number of reading schemes in school. We use Oxford Reading Tree and other book schemes which are then colour banded so the children can progress

Maths overview Year 1

Maths overview Year 2

Maths overview Year 3

Maths overview Year 4

Maths overview Year 5

Maths overview Year 6

Early Years Curriculum

Geography Key stage 1 Class 2

Geography Key Stage 2 Classes 3 & 4

GEOGRAPHY KS2 overview

History and Geography whole school overview

History Key stage 1 Class 2

History Key Stage 2 Classes 3 & 4

RE whole school overview A

RE whole school overview B

Computing EYFS

Computing KS1

Computing Years 3 and 4

Computing Years 5 and 6

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Further details of curriculum activities within each class are shared during 'Meet the Teacher' sessions which parents are invited to attend.