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Class 2

Welcome to Years 1 and 2!

Our Class Saint is St. Teresa of Liseux


Class Teacher: Miss Deakin-Mundy

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Horton


Welcome to our class page, scroll down to find out more about Class 2 and what exciting things we have been learning about this half term. 

Class Notice Board


Reading Books: Reading books will be changed every Tuesday. Your child will receive one Read Write Inc Phonics book and one Share With Me book. 


Homework: Homework is handed out on Tuesdays and we ask to have it back by the following Monday. 


PE Days:


  • Tuesday with the PE coaches.
  • Thursday with the PE coaches. 




This term our virtue is Curious and Active.

We are learning about prayers in our current RE unit. 


A prayer you can practice at home: 


General Enquiries:  


If you have any questions please email or ring the school office.

What are we learning about this year? 



Autumn Term 1:

Autumn Term 2:

What are we learning about this year?


This term we will creating our very own story sacks. We use story sacks a lot in school. Story sacks are cloth bags containing a children's book and supporting materials such as masks, puppets, costumes and audio recordings of the story. They are a fun way to engage in a book, learn and stimulate ideas. 

We will be creating a non-fiction story sack to learn about people who help us. We will be meeting with members of the community such as doctors, fire fighters and police to learn about their jobs. Using this information we will write and publish our own class book and create our own bag and props to accompany the book. 

Police Visit:

Police Officers visited Class 2 to teach them about what it's like being a police officer and what their job consists of. Class 2 were given a tour of their police car and shown the equipment that police officers carry. 


(Picture to follow!) 







What are we learning about?


Vehicle 2- Horrible Histories Episode
During Spring Term, Class 2's vehicle for learning is all about producing an episode of Horrible Histories about the Great Fire of London. The vehicle contains all aspects of the curriculum and will take the children on a unique learning journey. Through the vehicle the children will investigate how to combine multi-media on the computer to make an episode of the television programme Horrible Histories. The children will premier their finished episodes to parents at a cinema afternoon to raise money for Mary's Meals.  With expert advice from guest speakers, workshops and school trips we will become expert historians, camera operators, editors and producers!

Brewood Fire Station - 27th January 2020


We have been investigating how fire fighting has changed since the Great Fire of London. We visited Brewood fire station where we learnt about modern-day equipment and rules to keep us safe. We will use this information in our Horrible Histories episode. 

Vehicle 1-  Brewood Sculpture Trail 

Class 2's Autumn vehicle for learning is all about sculptures. The vehicle contains all aspects of the curriculum and will take the children on a unique learning journey. Through the vehicle the children will investigate how to make sculptures and how to set up a trail for members of the public to follow. With expert advice from guest speakers, workshops with artists and sculptors and school trips we will become experts in this field.

Local Sculptor Guest Speaker 


On Tuesday 10th September local Sculptor Robert Bowers visited Class 2 to answer their many questions about how to be a successful sculptor. Mr Bowers brought in a selection of sculptures that he had made and the tools that he used to create them. 

Trentham Gardens


On Wednesday 18th September Class 2 visited Trentham Gardens to investigate what a sculpture trail looks like. We found out that trails use maps with keys to show visitors where the sculptures are placed. We loved looking at all the different materials the sculptures were made out of and are now busy thinking of what our creations and trail will look like in Brewood. 

Trentham Gardens

Designing sculptures- Tuesday 1st October 2019


Class 2 have been working closely with local artist Robert Bowers to design their very own sculptures inspired by the wonderful plants and animals Joseph Banks would have seen on his Endeavour Voyage to Australia. 

Mr Bowers will help the children make their designs out of wood in the following weeks. 

Making Sculptures- Tuesday 8th October 2019 

Class 2 have been studying the work of Giacometti. Today they have recreated his sculptures using pipe

cleaners and tin foil.

Robert Bowers Sculpture Visit- Tuesday 15th October 2019


Mr Bowers has been back in this week. He has brought our sculpture designs to life by cutting them out of wood. We have spent the afternoon sanding and painting our sculptures ready for our trail. 

Sculpture Trail
On the 11th of December Class 2 opened their sculpture trail to the public. Their sculptures were placed around Brewood in shop windows with the final exhibition featuring at Brewood Library. The children distributed maps depicting where to find sculptures on the trail and information about the theme and process. At the Library they sold their hand-made biscuits and refreshments to visitors. They also and offered tours, certificates and raffles tickets to the guests. They raised over £50.00 for Mary's Meals!