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Teachers: Mrs Platek and Mrs Lewis


Our learning in nursery is planned through the enhanced provision. This allows our children to explore, investigate and engage in critical thinking, problem solving and sustained shared thinking. 

The nursery teachers plan activities based around the children’s interests and their own personal learning journeys. The environment within our nursery is designed to be the ‘third educator’ allowing the children to learn independently and engage in metacognition. 







Autumn term 2020

Autumn vehicle 


Our vehicle this term is animals. We have been reading lots of different books including ' Rumble in the jungle', 'Elmer' and 'Squirrels who argued'. The children are creating lots of different art work in order to produce our very own online art gallery! Keep your eyes peeled for the preview!



Carrying on with our animal theme we had the lovely Liza from 'Babytree photography' come into nursery and using an animal backdrop to take some pictures of the children that were available for the parents to purchase. She really captured the children well!


The children enjoyed dressing up for our nativity. We recorded them singing all the songs they had learnt and sent them to parents for all to enjoy.

Spring term 2021


Our vehicle for this term is fantasy.

We have started off the new year engaging in space based play.  The children have enjoyed having an alien day where we dressed up as aliens and made our own alien gloop which the children loved mixing and exploring. 

The children used the torches in the space  rocket to find the planets before using their own jet packs to zoom off the space.

We made our very own rock cakes where the children weighed out all the ingredients and noticed the changes when cooked and most importantly enjoyed eating them!

After such a busy day they enjoyed doing some space based yoga in the hall.

Alien day

Summer term

This term the children are learning around 'Growth and Change'. We have enjoyed looking at different fruits and vegetables as highlighted in the book 'Oliver's vegetables '. Following on from this we have planted our own potatoes ready to make into chips - Oliver's favourite food!

Beans have been planted to see if we can grow a beanstalk as big as Jack's. 

The children have enjoyed exploring the natural environment looking for mini beasts and learning how a caterpillar changes over time! 

Summer term

Autumn term 2021

Our vehicle this term is Safari! All the books we are basing our learning around are animal based and towards the end of term the children are looking forward to going on 'Safari' around the school hunting for animals.

The animal man is visiting the school and we are excited to see what animals we are going to see. We look forward to sharing some photos with you soon!