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Safeguarding Policy Coronavirus Addendum

Our commitment to Safeguarding/Child Protection

At St. Mary’s School we are committed to ‘Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare’ of all our pupils. Each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. Parents should be aware that the school is required to take reasonable action to ensure the safety of all our pupils. In cases where school has reason to be concerned about a child possibly being ill-treated or neglected then the Head teacher is obliged to follow Staffordshire Child Protection procedures and contact Social Services.


All concerns are recorded and handed to a Designated Senior Lead (DSL).


Designated Safeguarding Lead  - Mrs J Lockley

Deputy DSL - Miss O Deakin-Mundy, Miss H Beeston

Safeguarding Governor  - Mrs J Fergusson


As a team we decide how to deal with concerns about children's safety. This would usually involve speaking to parents or people from other agencies, such as health or social care.


If we feel a child is at risk of harm we would usually discuss this with parents. We then have a duty of care to report our concerns to the assessment team at social care. that give more details about our safeguarding procedures.


If you have any questions or concerns about safeguarding please speak to one of the designated senior leads above.