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Moving to Secondary School

As children approach Class 4, parents start think about what the next step for their children might look like. At St. Mary's we support all our children as they are moving on to their next schools and we know everyone's journey is different. We have fantastic links with an array of High Schools to ensure our children have a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school. 


Here are just a few of the destinations of our Class 4 leavers over the past 5 years: 


Local Middle School 40%

Independent Schools 21%

Catholic High School 15%

State-Funded Grammar Schools 9% 

Maintained High School 7%

Other Middle Schools 5%

Special Provision 1%


These schools include:

Brewood Middle

St. Dominics Grammar School

Stafford Grammar School

Birchfield Independent School

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School

Newport Girls High School

Wolverhampton Grammar School

Haberdasher Adams High School

Walton High School

Idsall School

Thomas Telford

Penkridge Middle

Codsall Middle


Admission applications to any secondary school must be made by the end of October. Please contact us if you have any questions.