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Sacramental Preparation

What is Sacramental Preparation?


Sacramental preparation is a process of getting ready to receive some of the special gifts that God offers to Catholics.


These gifts are called sacraments, and they are signs of God's grace and love for us. There are seven sacraments in the Catholic Church: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. Each sacrament helps us grow closer to God and to the community of the Church.


Sacramental preparation involves learning about the meaning and effects of each sacrament, as well as praying and practicing how to celebrate them. Sacramental preparation is usually done with the help of a priest, a catechist, or a parent. It can take place in a parish, a school, or a home setting. Sacramental preparation is a way of deepening our faith and our relationship with God.


Children do not have to receive the sacraments, however when growing up in a Catholic school some children wish to even though they may not have been Baptised into the Catholic faith. If your child is not baptised and has an interest in receiving the Sacraments, you should discuss this at home as part of your own faith and beliefs. If you decide you would like your child to be baptised then go to Mass on Sunday and speak to Father Tomas or give him a call at the Presbytery and he will be able to advise you.