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Section 48 Diocesan Inspection Report


This half term we are trying to be-

Curious and Active

Curious-  exploring God’s creation and asking questions to find out more.

Everything around us was created by God. Being curious about these things – from tiny insects to enormous planets, from the languages of the Earth to the patterns made by numbers – brings us closer to God.

Activeworking to make things better where we can.

As we use our curiosity to explore, we find things that could be better: a friend is unhappy; a neighbour is lonely; there is litter in the playground; the whiteboard needs wiping. Some of these problems we can fix. By being active we take responsibility for these tasks and look after God’s creation.

Curious and Active Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

thank you for your hand of blessing in my life.

Thank you for choosing to work through me today.

I submit myself and my resources to you.

Show me ways to be a blessing to others so that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of your glory.


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