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Reception children:

home learning will be emailed directly to parents-please email me if you do not receive this.


Year 1 children:

home learning will be on Class 2 home learning page under the heading of year 1.

18.05.20 RE-Mary

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Today we will learn about Mary's role as part of the Holy Family.

18.05.20 History- The NHS

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In our final session on Nurturing Nurses, find out about what the NHS is, who works there and how it has changed.

18.05.20 NHS Worker- Factsheet

11.05.20 History

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Building upon our previous work on the lives of nurses from the past, today we will look at how hospitals have changed from past to present.

11.05.20 History-Reception Worksheet

11.05.20 History- Year 1 Worksheet

11.05.20 RE-Mary

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Following on from last week, we will learn a little more about how we celebrate Mary during the month of May.

04.05.20 RE-Mary

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During the month of May, we will be learning about Mary. Watch and listen to find out more.

04.05.20 History- Famous Nurses

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Let's learn about the life of another significant individual- this week it's a Nurse called Edith Cavell. Find out about how she made a difference to the lives of others.

History-Mary Seacole

Letter to parents about Letters and Sounds

Florence Nightingale

Weather powerpoint

Chester Zoo

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