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Special Educational Needs

St Mary's Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy 


Our philosophy is that each child belongs, is valued, and has a right to learn regardless of needs and abilities. We endeavour to provide the best possible environment - academically, morally and spiritually for all our pupils. This philosophy is delivered through the teachings of the Church, through the curriculum, through the academy's pastoral system and through the management and structure of the Academy. We aim to enable all children to receive a relevant broad, balanced curriculum whatever their learning need, by the use of appropriate teaching and learning strategies, high expectations and valuing all children as individual learners. This is to offer a fully inclusive education to all children, able bodied or with any disability. The philosophy is that all pupils develop respect and tolerance for others, learn to know themselves and their responsibilities and should develop the ability to make responsible decisions.


All staff are responsible for implementing this philosophy. 


Our primary SEND contact is Miss O Deakin-Mundy